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NVIDIA GeForce 610M
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NVIDIA GeForce 610M

Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 610M, specifications and benchmarks

It is a detailed review of NVIDIA GeForce 610M, the date of manufacture started in Q1/2011. Here are all specifications and the results of performance in the form of modern benchmark estimations. The base clock frequency is 0.9 GHz. The GPU supports DDR3 with an 1 GB graphics memory. TDP is Laptop. We recommend comparing the GPU with other models on our website to determine the best performance.


Technical data
General info

Key features of the graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 610M.

  • GPU Chip
  • Execution units
  • Render Output Units
  • Texture Units
  • L1 Cache
    64 KB
  • L2 Cache
    128 KB
Memory settings

The characteristics of the video memory on board the graphics card. The higher the better.

  • Memory Size
    1 GB
  • Memory Type
  • Memory Clock
    0.9 GHz
  • Memory Speed
    1.8 Gbps
  • Memory Bandwith
    14.40 GB/s
Clock frequency

Video card clock speed and overclocking potential NVIDIA GeForce 610M.

  • Base Clock
    0.738 GHz
  • Boost Clock
    1.476 GHz
* see below
Thermal Management

Connectors, the number of thermal watts emitted in normal mode and at overclocking.

  • TDP
    12 W
  • Power Connectors
Technical data

Hardware capabilities and maintaining the API.

  • Max. Displays
  • Max. resolution
  • DirectX
  • OpenCL
  • CUDA
  • OpenGL
Theoretical Performance
  • Pixel Rate
    1.476 GPixel/s
  • Texture Rate
    5.904 GTexel/s
  • FP32 (float)
    141.7 GFLOPS
  • FP64 (double)
    11.81 GFLOPS (1:12)
Positions in all rankings

Common positions NVIDIA GeForce 610M GPU in popular benchmarks, for comparison with other models.

  • Performance relative to other GPU chips
    8 place


Performance tests GPU

Compare the scores of popular benchmarks NVIDIA GeForce 610M with other graphics cards to understand the real speed of the GPU when processing content.

Tests include working with floating point, creating 3D models, mining cryptocurrencies.

Performance relative to other GPU chips
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NVIDIA GeForce 610M
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Base Clock - this is the guaranteed speed that the manufacturer sets for the type of cooling and binning that the GPU comes out of the factory with.

Boost Clock - this is a theoretical minimum speed to which the video card can be overclocked considering the cooling and binning requirements.

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NVIDIA GeForce 610M

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