Intel Xeon D-2712T
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Intel Xeon D-2712T

Processor Intel Xeon D-2712T, specifications and benchmarks

Intel Xeon D-2712T Processor is being reviewed, the release of which was held in Q1/2022. Here are all the Intel Xeon D-2712T’s specifications and performance estimation in benchmark. We offer to study all the data and compare it with a competing model. The base clock frequency of the model is 1.90 GHz, total of cores is 4 / 8. The CPU supports DDR4-2666 and is installed in the motherboard on Socket BGA 2579. The TDP for CPU is 65 W.


Technical data
CPU family and group

General information about the processor Intel Xeon D-2712T

  • Family
  • CPU group
    Intel Xeon D-2700
  • Segment
    Desktop / Server
  • Generation
  • Predecessor
  • Successor
CPU Technical specs

Intel Xeon D-2712T Processor performance parameters, CPU capabilities

  • CPU Cores / Threads
    4 / 8
  • Core architecture
  • Cores
    4x Sunny Cove
  • Hyperthreading / SMT
  • Overclocking
  • Frequency
    1.90 GHz
  • Turbo Frequency (1 Core)
    3.00 GHz
  • Turbo Frequency (4 Cores)
    2.70 GHz

Built-in graphics chip characteristics

  • GPU name
    no iGPU
  • GPU frequency
  • GPU (Turbo)
    No turbo
  • Execution units
  • Shader
  • Max. GPU Memory
  • Max. displays
  • Generation
  • Direct X
  • Technology
  • Release date
Hardware codec support

Built-in support for video and image compression standards

  • h265 / HEVC (8 bit)
  • h265 / HEVC (10 bit)
  • h264
  • VP8
  • VP9
  • AV1
  • AVC
  • VC-1
  • JPEG
Memory specs & PCI

Technical characteristics of supported memory, PCI bus

  • Memory type
  • Max. Memory
    1024 GB
  • Memory channels
  • Bandwidth
    85.4 GB/s
  • ECC
  • PCIe
    4.0 x 32
  • AES-NI
Thermal Management
  • TDP (PL1)
    65 W
  • TDP (PL2)
  • TDP up
  • TDP down
  • Tjunction max.
* see below
Technologies and extensions

Technical capabilities of the processor, information

  • Instruction set (ISA)
    x86-64 (64 bit)
  • ISA extensions
    SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX2, AVX-512
  • L2-Cache
    15.00 MB
  • L3-Cache
  • Architecture
    Ice Lake
  • Documents
  • Technology
    10 nm
  • Virtualization
    VT-x, VT-x EPT, VT-d
  • Socket
    BGA 2579
  • Release date
  • Part Number
  • Operating systems
    Windows 10, Linux
Positions in all rankings

Common positions Intel Xeon D-2712T CPU in popular benchmarks, for comparison with other models.

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Performance tests CPU

Compare the scores of popular benchmarks Intel Xeon D-2712T with other processors to understand the real speed of the CPU when processing content.

Tests include mathematical calculations, creation of 3D models, cryptocurrency mining, tests in single and multi-core modes.


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PL1 - Amount of heat in watts generated by the processor (or GPU) during normal operation.

PL2 - on overclocking

The values are used to select the optimal cooling system and power supply.

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Intel Xeon D-2712T

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