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Intel Celeron G3900, , G3920 and G3900T

In the Intel’s launch strategy, the fastest processors in a line up are released first to get buzz word out. The enthusiasts, over clockers are handed over the samples of the fastest parts that are potentially overclockable. And everyone is filled with wow effect. When the euphoria dies, Intel pushes out the slow Pentiums and Celerons, in the $50 to $100 range that possibly makes up more sale in terms of volume. The Celeron Chips are the cheapest and slowest in the line up, but certainly not unusable. Intelligent gamers know that the raw GPU power and not the CPU power is the key. For most of the entry level office works, even Celerons are more than enough. In the light of this, it is worth while to go through the … Read entire article »

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Comparing Processors

If you have two processors A and B how do you compare them to make a decision which one is bettor or offers better performance for a given price ? Unfortunately there is no single solution that can satisfy the need for all the information you are looking for. We have gathered here a set of tools and sites that you may use to get reasonable information. Intel Intel has its own database of launched processors that can be used to compare two or more processors. They do not have a comparison engine and you will have to manually set it up. You need to search for the first processor in Google with “Intel” as one of the search terms, the processor part number being the other. For example, if you wish … Read entire article »

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